The day I was born, my original mother had gone to the beach with one of her friends.  I like to think that is why I feel such a connection to the ocean and the calming effects of the waves lapping on the shore. When she got home and was standing in her kitchen, her […]

I know that the first post on this blog says that it was written a few minutes ago, but truthfully, I started this blog back in August…and then let it fizzle out in my head.  I did the same thing with my other blog (Out of the Fog) and after receiving a kind email from […]

I decided that a new blog would be beneficial to my growth as a writer.  I get stressed out when I first start a blog though.  What should I call it?  What should it look like?  What will the format be?  How often should I post? I’ve chosen “Becoming Elena” because I feel like I’m […]